Record-breaking temperatures recorded in Llano on Central Texas' hottest day of 2022

ERCOT's warning to Texans of an extremely hot Mother's Day weekend is coming to fruition. 

The National Weather Service says the Llano Airport reached 106 degrees Saturday afternoon, the highest temperature recorded there in the month of May. Several cities surrounding the Llano area are currently 99 degrees or higher.

NWS also reports today, May 7, is the hottest day of 2022 thus far. A heat advisory is in effect for most Central Texas counties.

Areas that have received rain recently are recording lower temperatures, says NWS. Austin is expected to top out around 98 degrees for Saturday, while drier areas that have not received moisture are expected to reach over 104 degrees. 

The NWS is saying the potential for record-breaking temperatures will continue through the end of the weekend.

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