Remembering Abbie

Family and friends of a Texas tech graduate who was tragically killed in 2015 are on a mission to keep her memory alive.

They're biking across the state, to reach as many people as they can, hoping to share a piece of Abbie Arroyos' vibrant life with others.

"Dream no little dream," were words spoken at the college commencement ceremony of Arroyos in 2014.

That was the motto the 22-year-old lived her life by.

But Arroyos life was cut short, in 2014 she graduated Texas Tech University with a degree in journalism and a passion to take on the world.

She was living out her purpose as a radio reporter and producer in Lubbock, Texas when she was killed in a car crash in in 2015.

She was on her way home for the holidays.  The loss has pushed the Arroyos family to become stronger.

"I thought this year it would be nice to give her something so that it's not remembered as a negative thing, but as a positive thing that we give some scholarships," said Abbie's uncle Barry Morgan. 

Family along with friends, are on a mission to connect with others keeping Arroyos memory alive.
Her uncle Barry Morgan came up with the idea to bike across the state as a way to shine light on the dark situation.

The purpose is to raise money for a memorial scholarship in Abbie's name which honor’s her life and legacy.

"My great uncle Barry from San Antonio and three of his friends are going to ride across the state of Texas to help raise money for the Abigail Arroyos forever 22 memorial scholarship fund.," said Abbie's nephew Max Arroyos.

This is the second year for the ride which spans 10 days they'll travel across 1,000 miles of Texas landscape from the border of Oklahoma to south Padre Island, the furthest southern tip of the state.

"We had a scholarship the first year, but as time passes, things go by the wayside. I didn't want to happen."

The Arroyos family awards the scholarship to deserving students at Texas Tech so that they, like Abbie, can “dream no little dream.”

Riders began biking the trail on Thursday in Perryton, Texas.  They are around Abilene right now.

Their journey finishes on Sunday.