From the FOX 5 Archives: Queen Elizabeth II's 1991 visit to D.C.

The late Queen Elizabeth II visited Washington D.C. in May 1991. FOX 5 went into the archives to find video from this visit where she was welcomed at the White House and in Southeast D.C.

This was one of many visits by Britain's longest-serving monarch dating back to 1951. On this trip she also visited Baltimore, Virginia, and Texas. 

In this video below, President George H.W. Bush welcomed the Queen and treated her to a thrilling musical tribute. The President and First Lady Barbara Bush also hosted the Queen and Prince Philip for a State Dinner.

The visit was quite memorable for many as beyond the traditional pomp and circumstance of visits to the White House, the Queen visited D.C. resident Alice Frazier in the Marshall Heights neighborhood in Southeast D.C. 

This video shows an interview FOX 5 DC did with Frazier after the visit and the unveiling of Queens Stroll Place Southeast and DCist has a detailed story about Alice including a photo where the Queen was embraced by Frazier which is considered to be against protocol but she did it anyway to much delight from the Queen and the community.