Reminder from UT about Campus Carry beginning August 1

The University of Texas is reminding people that on that state's Campus Carry law goes into effect on August 1. That means license holders will generally be allowed to carry concealed handguns at UT Austin and other public universities.

Officials say UT Austin leadership has been working closely with students, faculty and staff members from across campus to implement the law as smoothly as possible.

Bob Harkins, Associate Vice President with Campus Safety & Security issued a news release to emphasize a few important points:

  • The open carry of handguns is not allowed on the campus. Therefore, if you ever see a gun, do not attempt to question or approach the carrier, but immediately CALL 911. Police are trained to handle this situation.
  • There are several areas of campus in which the concealed carry of handguns is prohibited, including some portions of residence halls. Individuals with a license to carry are responsible for knowing the locations that exclude concealed handguns and to plan their daily activities carefully.
  • License holders must carry their handguns on or about their person at all times while on campus. "About" the person means that a license holder may carry a handgun – holstered – in a backpack or handbag, but the backpack or handbag must be close enough that the license holder can grasp it without materially changing position. The holster must completely cover the trigger area and have enough tension to keep the gun in place if jostled.
  • All license holders must think through the activities of their day. There may be times when the consequence of your activities may preclude carrying on a given day. For example, if you are going to a Rec Sports area, have a class that requires role playing, rolling, or spinning or contact with other students, you might expose the handgun. Remember that there is no storage on campus except in a privately owned vehicle.
  • Many people on campus have strong viewpoints about the new law, and we understand those passions. However, regardless of your opinion about the legislation, you are required to follow the laws laid out by the State of Texas, and the policies of The University of Texas at Austin. We also ask that everyone show respect toward other members of the university community who have different views.

If you'd like more information you can go here.