Report of stranger knocking on woman's front door asking for sexual favor

Police are investigating after receiving at least two reports about a suspicious person in the Barton Hills neighborhood in South Austin. One person says a stranger knocked on her door and asked for a sexual favor.  

"Surprising, shocking and unsettling I guess, to see there was something going on that's just right here," says Emily Bibby who lives in neighborhood. 

It happened off Hollow Creek Drive, where Emily Bibby and her husband, Reid, live. They saw a post on the NextDoor neighborhood app:

"This morning a young male knocked on my door. When I answered, he asked if I would have sex with him. I shut the door and called 911. Several other neighbors have had similar interactions." 

Austin Police searched their database during the past month and found two suspicious person reports made Tuesday. One around 2:45 a.m., the other 7:30 a.m. - both off Hollow Creek Drive near Barton Hills Drive. Officers were sent out to check the area and in at least one case, a detective has been assigned. APD has yet to confirm whether they are connected, pointing out the descriptions of the suspect were not the same. But, neighbors on the NextDoor app say he is a young Asian man often wearing a white hoodie. Reid believes he has seen him before. 

"It's definitely uncomfortable, knowing that she works from home being a realtor. It's definitely uncomfortable that someone's in the area walking up to random doors asking ladies for favors," says Reid. 

Neighbors who have seen the man believe he may be suffering from mental health issues .They posted on NextDoor saying they hope he can get help before it escalates. Emily is glad this type of incident and information is shared among neighbors. 
"It makes a huge difference to know that, you get comfortable and we get used to nothing happening. Sometimes we allow ourselves to not be as cautious as what we should, so I'm glad there's something like NextDoor or if someone posted on Facebook or anything...just so many pairs of eyes to keep an eye on our area," says Bibby.