Report: Officer lost control before arresting Utah nurse

Salt Lake City - Nurse Alex Wubbels is arrested for refusing to take a blood draw for police. Image via YouTube 

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A Utah police chief will decide any possible punishment for an officer caught on video dragging a nurse from a hospital and handcuffing her after a review board found he lost control and got aggressive.

The civilian review board says it appears Detective Jeff Payne became upset during a long wait to draw blood from a patient and his frustration spilled over after nurse Alex Wubbels refused under hospital policy.

Attorney Greg Skordas said Thursday that the conclusions about Payne's emotions are speculation.

The report also faults supervisor Lt. James Tracy for not seeking legal advice on drawing blood from the car-crash victim. His attorney didn't have immediate comment.

It says a third unnamed officer missed a chance to calm things down despite a 2016 advisement for officers to intervene.