Rescue videos show heroic efforts by first responders

Dashcam video from a Manor police officer shows a high speed response late Wednesday night to a swift water rescue on Gregg Lane. Manor Police Chief Ryan Phipps said the rescue call pulled his officer from another emergency; a wreck being cleared on Hwy 290.

For the Chief, a low water crisis like this one is entirely avoidable. 

"The time it’s taken to go out and put out barricades and road closed signs, and you would just think people for their own safety would abide by the law and not go around them,” said Chief Phipps.

Spotlights illuminated the car that was swept off the road. First responders can also be seen as they scrambled to reach the driver. He fell into the rushing water and was pushed downstream.

"This could have ended a whole lot differently,” said Chief Phipps.

Thursday morning crime scene tape marked where the car was wedged. The water was low enough to see the trees that the driver held on to until the swift water team could reach him.

About 10 miles from the Gregg Lane scene, one week ago, another high risk high water rescue took place. It involved two people and one was a county deputy.

STARFlight video obtained by FOX 7 shows a Travis County Deputy being pulled from her patrol cruiser in the early morning hours of December 27th.

The vehicle stalled in flood waters that covered Bitting School Road, east of Manor.

During a media briefing, Captain Willie Taylor said the deputy had a water rescue kit with her. It includes a personal flotation device. 

"Our Deputies are always put into risky situations. I don’t think this is any different,” said Capt. Taylor.

The man the deputy was trying to reach was pulled from a tree by fire fighters. "We always take that risk upon ourselves when we respond to a call for Service,  we are never going out leave anybody out ... stuck,” said Capt. Taylor.

No charges were filed in the December rescue, because no barricades were up and it was classified as a flash flood. Charges are pending in the Wednesday night incident on Gregg Lane.