Residents in Blue Bell's hometown of Brenham show support following recall

In a first of its kind move, Blue Bell Creameries is pulling all of its products off the market in 23 states which includes eight million gallons of ice cream.

"We felt like it was the right thing to do for our customer and consumer to remove all doubt and get it out of the market place," said Joe Robertson with Blue Bell Creameries.

The latest recall comes after two samples of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from the Brenham facility tested positive for Listeria.

Last month bacteria from a Blue Bell facility was linked to three deaths in Kansas and sickened five others.

"Everything we produce going forward will be part of a test and hold program," Robertson explained.

People in this small town are turning to prayer and businesses are showing their support for the company with signs posted throughout the community.

For now ice cream is off the menu at Charlie Pyle's restaurant.

"I'm feeling for them and we're trying to hold them up," Pyle said. He owns Must be Heaven. Customers are also feeling for the company.

"I'm always going to support Blue Bell and eat Blue Bell," said Andrea Cervantes.

"I was really sad they had to recall but glad they stepped up to say we have a problem and have to fix it," said Glen Hurd, another customer who supports the company.

As the second largest employer in the city the news hurts, but those in Brenham remain loyal.

"Everyone knows someone that's related to or knows someone at Blue Bell," Pyle said.

The company is working to find out how Listeria got into its facility. It could be several weeks before store shelves are back to normal.

"It's been an emotional experience for us all that's okay we're going to get through it and all our resources are going to go into make sure it never happens again," Robertson said.

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