Residents in North Austin neighborhood say it's being overrun by prostitution

Many residents in North Austin are fed up.

When it comes to prostitution they say they've seen it all, right in front of their homes.

The area of Georgian and Powell is considered a hotspot for prostitution.

Police have a heavy presence in that area. Regardless, some say the crime is spreading.

There are many reasons why Tony Scalzo and his wife moved to North Austin ten years ago; big backyard, studio in the back, a place to raise their kids.

Crime wasn't on that list.

"We definitely don't want anybody back there in a car. Right here, probably the most action happens right here," Scalzo said.

During the day, throughout the night, Scalzo says it's pretty much around-the-clock.

He and his wife have had to call the police more than twenty times over the last two years.

"Maybe three, four, five times a week, something is happening here and that's just the stuff that I notice," he said.

Most of that in regards to prostitution.

"I've done the wrong thing quite a few times, where I confront the people. Yelling at them to get out of here, that kind of thing. The cops have told me, that's not what we want you to do. Yet, you just can't help it sometimes. It's just really, it's really irritating," he explained.

Austin Police say Georgian and Powell is where most of the cases occur.

Over the past six years APD has made a total of 241 arrests.

Residents say that is now spilling into the surrounding neighborhoods.

"I would not really like to have my kid see the stuff that's going on. I mean, I want my kid to be able to play in the front yard," said Scalzo.

Open land is also being used as a dumping ground, where undergarments, condoms, beer cans and drug baggies are being thrown.

"I've seen nothing but drug deals, killings. I've lost a couple of friends, who died. This area is messed up, real bad," another concerned resident told us.

He says police presence in the area is high but the crime is too much for them to handle.

"It's a tidal wave. They can't control it. They can't control anything around here."

All Scalzo wants, is a safe place for his son and the other children in the neighborhood.

"It's sad that it has to be anywhere but it appears that this has been the place for years. It would be nice if it wasn't so prevalent around here," he said.

Police ask that you take pictures if you see any criminal activity taking place then report it to 311.