Residents who live just outside the burn zone allowed back home

Progress being made on the hidden pines fire made it possible for more people to return back home.

On Monday only those who live just outside of the burn zone were allowed to through the checkpoints.

While most were able to drive home, Willie Arellano, who lost his home during the 2011 fire, had to walk through his sister's back yard and across Alum Creek to check on his home.

"Its a great feeling because this is our second time ... all I could do was just watch it from here... its good,"said Arellano.

Arellano had to walk because fire crews were still using the road he usually takes to his house.   Arellano's sister,  Sally Becerra,  told FOX 7 she has been making a few extra stops along the way to her home.

"Any opportunity we get we come over to make sure every body is OK, I even go to the fire department and say is there anything I can do, to help you with, is there anything I can do,an they just stop me and say thank you for trying, and I say no- thank you for taking care of our place our house," said Becerra.

Several residents decided not to stay in thier homes until power was restored to the zone where they live.

Bastrop OEM announced that the 380-500 block Old Antioch Road re-opened around 3:45 pm.

Earlier in the day they posted the following message to their facebook page.

Monday 19, 2015

Incident size: 4582 acres Current Situation: 60% contained Number of personnel: 339

The Hidden Pines Fire is being managed by the Southern Area Blue Team and continued to hold acreage steady with 4582 acres. Minor spots over the fire lines were immediately contained and cooled with hose lays and bucket drops with Blackhawk helicopters. Large heavy fuels continue to burn in the interior of the fire, with some stumps being completely burned into the ground. Snags continue to be a concern as they fall, posing threats to the constructed lines and to the firefighters themselves. Firefighters are continuing to go with direct lines when fire intensity allows. Crews are mopping-up along the perimeter, cooling heat sources with hose lays.

Weather Conditions today: temperatures up to 85 degrees, Minimum Relative Humidity ranging 19-21% and winds SE 6-10 mph.

Assigned Resources include:
2 Type 3 Helicopters
1 Type 4 Engines
7 Type 6 Engines
4 TIFMAS Structural Engine Strike Teams
10 Dozers
2 Type 2 Initial Attack Handcrews
3 Water Tenders
1 Air Attack
4 Single Engine Airtankers