Rockwell painting to be sold to benefit National Press Club

NEW YORK (AP) — Norman Rockwell's painting of a small-town American newsroom is going on the auction block to benefit the National Press Club and its affiliate.

"Norman Rockwell Visits a Country Editor" is being offered Nov. 19 in New York. Christie's estimates it could sell for $10 million to $15 million.

It's benefiting the National Press Club and the National Press Club Journalism Institute, which offers scholarships and training to journalists.

The work appeared in the May 25, 1946, issue of the Saturday Evening Post. It was later donated to the Washington-based institute, where it's been on display for the past 17 years.

It depicts a bustling newsroom at the Monroe County Appeal, a weekly founded in 1867 in Paris, Missouri. Rockwell pictured himself in it with a portfolio under his arm.