ROT Rally shifts into gear in downtown Austin

The sights and sounds of bikers are in now in full swing here in Austin. ROT rally weekend began Friday and will go throughout the weekend.

Congress Avenue was shut down for the big parade which ended at the capitol.

This weekend belongs to the bikers. “I'm glad the whole thing is as strong as it is and has been in the past several years,” said Chris Frazier, a biker at the event. The annual Republic of Texas biker rally shifted into gear in Austin with a parade down congress avenue. “I've been doing this for over 10 years,” said Frazier.

The revved up weekend event draws in bikers from all over like Frazier. “It's just been a good thing to come to every year. I really enjoy it gets to see a lot of good people see a lot of bikers, and people out with families,” said Frazier. He said it’s also a good event to meet people who share the same hobby, cruising on the open road. “I'm glad the whole thing is as strong as it is and has been in the past several years,” said Frazier.

There is plenty to do this weekend for the rally from live music to venders, you can even learn how to pop a wheelie. As the event brings in quite the crowd, this year they expect 200,000 people just for Friday, Austin police are taking action as well.

“We are going to have a heavy presence during this biker rally,” said Austin Police Officer Destiny Silva. APD wants to make sure everyone has a good time and with the large amount of motorcycles on the road they are urging drivers to be extra cautious.

“Remember to be patient look twice check your blind spots when you're making a turn a pedestrian a motorcycle and even a scooter may be hard to see then a vehicle so just expect that,” said Officer Silva. There is a no refusal this weekend, so if you drink make sure you have a safe ride home.

The rally will last through Sunday.



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