Round Rock father asking son's killer to come forward

Twenty-three-year-old Jonathan Rogers was shot and killed in North Austin the night of August 24, 2018. It may have been ten months ago, but the pain still feels like it was the day of. "We sit there and probably cry between three and four times a day," said David Rogers, Jonathan's father.

Jonathan had just got back to his grandmother's house on Mearns Meadow Boulevard. He was still outside, when the shooting happened. His dad believes his son fell victim to random gun violence.

"Speaking with the detective, he flat out told me he said he can't believe who would want to do this because there has not been one person that has had one bad thing to say, and he's interviewed hundreds of people," said Rogers.

To this day, the case remains unsolved...and each second it does, David Rogers grows more frustrated. "I think that there is somebody out there who knows a lot or somebody may have seen something that at that point was, you know, didn't mean anything, but now they can probably tie the two pieces together and say wait a minute," said Rogers.

His family will always remember him as a kind-hearted, young man who loved music and fishing.

"Jonathan was the annoying guy, but you can take that annoying person out of your life in seconds.....and then you realize how critical he was a part of your life," said Rogers.

David said he oftentimes imagines his son still fishing at the lake or driving around town. "We just think he's somewhere else, and we put him there, and we know that's not real but it's all we have."

His message to his son's killer, is to turn yourself in.... "We forgive you. We forgive you for what happened. You never question what god does you just accept it and move forward," said Rogers.

If you have any information that can help, call the APD Homicide Tip Line at 512-477-3588.