Round Rock ISD teen petitions district to cancel school day after Halloween

Tricks, treats and costumes, what more could a kid ask for from Halloween? The candy sure keeps the little ones occupied but the older ones want the party to last a bit longer.

One teen from Round Rock ISD is petitioning the district to get the day after Halloween off. According to the petition, he wants to “be with the boys” and with more than 15,000 signatures, he's not alone.
To som,e specifically parents, the idea of yet another day off of school can be scary. The Winston family dressed up as the Incredibles at a Trunk or Treat event hosted by the Maldonado ATA Martial Arts studio.
"I guess if I was a kid I'd want the day off but as an adult, I have to go to work," said Jared Winston. "That means we'd have to come up with childcare, there's always logistics, for us it's convenient to keep school on.”
Whether it's trunk or treating or door knocking, teens say the celebrating can be exhausting.
"It's just like everybody is going to be tired in the morning and I feel like even teachers should get a break," said tenth-grader Alex Saavedra-Ulloa.
Round Rock ISD said they commend the student's civic engagement but cannot make calendar changes mid-year.