Round Rock nurse reacts to Thunderbird flyover salute

In a Round Rock parking garage waiting with bated breath, folks gathered at one of the highest points in the city just to catch a glimpse of the flyover.

“I’ve never got to see this before,” said nurse Liz Menchaca.

More than a dozen people stood waiting at the top of the garage, all trying to catch that first glimpse of what’s to come. “We thought there was going to be some people so we left early but we weren’t expecting this many people,” said Joyce Herrera who lives in Round Rock.

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Finally, off into the cloudy distant sky, the moment all these people gathered for: the Thunderbirds  “It was a great view, we are feeling thankful and thankful my kids got to see that,” said Menchaca.

The brief moment over Round Rock was more than just an interesting sight, it was meant as a salute for those on the frontlines against COVID-19, one of those being nurses like Menchaca. “Definitely feeling proud of what we do right now, feeling appreciated. This is a proud moment as nurses to be able to do this and help people out and being selfless,” said Menchaca.


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One of the things FOX 7 Austin noticed at the top of the parking garage was a lack of masks. Some people like Menchaca had theirs while others like Herrera said they had some close by in case more people showed up. “We left them in the car because we didn’t think there was going to be a lot of people but we all kept our distance which was good and I think everyone respected each other’s space and everybody was set up in different spots,” said Herrera.


While the wait was longer than the flyover itself, both Herrera and Menchaca say the message was heard loud and clear.


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