Round Rock PD find woman's body inside car in retention pond

Update: Round Rock Police say the Chrysler sedan was registered to a woman named Lessie Coleman. 

It's not confirmed if she was the person in the car but we do know the person found was a female. Authorities say this incident does not appear to be suspicious at this time.

Round Rock Police have removed a car  from a retention pond after a body was found inside. It happened right behind the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Authorities are trying to figure out how or why the car ended up in the water. It drew a lot of attention since many people were at the center for doctor's appointments.

"Not in this kind of neighborhood you know, it's not likely to see things like this here," says Anna Contreras, at doctor's appointment. 

Patients at the Texas A&M Health Science Center walked out to this terrifying scene Monday. The trunk of a car sticking out from the retention pond behind the building.  

"I mean, it's shocking. It's like, how did that happen because it's a straight road and you never know why?" says Contreras. 

The Round Rock Police Department received a call around 10:30 Monday morning about a car in the water off Avery Nelson Parkway. Dive teams jumped in and discovered a body inside. Authorities have not yet released details surrounding what happened. What we do know, is a large part of the fence surrounding the retention pond could be seen knocked down. Below it was the car. 

"I'm thinking, how did somebody drown or drive over the thing if it's caged in? He was like, 'Well they found the body in the water.' That's crazy, what was going on?" says Tyranisha Hunter-Wells, at doctor's appointment.  

After processing the scene for several hours, authorities lifted the car out of the water and back onto the road. Crime scene tape blocked off traffic during that time. Many people watched what was going on from beginning to end, hoping to get some answers. 

"This is crazy. everything has been happening in Round Rock for the last couple, for this month, everybody is coming up dying," says Hunter-Wells.