Round Rock police releases video of car they believe involved in fatal April hit-and-run

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“That night my son texted me at 12:58 [a.m.] It was my birthday on the 17th of April. Little did I know 45 minutes later my son would be laying out on the street hit by a car at 1:41 [a.m.]” said Cleveland Elliott. 

Police say Elliott’s son, also named Cleveland Elliott, but known as “CJ,” — short for “Cleveland Jr.” —- was killed in a hit-and-run on April 17. He was 24. 

CJ was hit and killed in front of Success High School on Gattis School Road in Round Rock. His mother says he was walking from his sister's to 7-Eleven. 

“It’s been devastating. I scream and cry out to the lord daily. Because I’m hurt. I am cut asunder, and, it’s not been easy, I don’t think it’s ever going to get easy because he’s gone. I won’t get him back.” cried his mother Cynthia Elliott.

On Thursday, Round Rock police released surveillance video of the car they think hit CJ. 

The video shows a blue passenger car. Police believe it does not have a sunroof and has LED or HID lights. They say it entered Round Rock westbound. 

It is the first major update the Elliott family feels the department has put out. 

“Real angry, real angry, about the way this transpired. It should have been released to the news media what they told us [Thursday.]” 

The family wants to know why the video, taken from a camera over two blocks away, was not released until three months after CJ’s death. 

“You could have at least released the video that you say you have of the car early on while things are still fresh in the minds of people during the time that it happened. I don’t feel that they treated us very fairly,” said Cynthia Elliott. 

Sgt. Tim Chancelor of the Round Rock Police Department says the video is something the department has “been working with.” 

“It’s also something that we’ve tried to enhance to try to get a better image, but it has not been until recently when we’ve been able to have enough specific information that we wanted to put that out.” Chancelor said. 

The Elliott family also wants the department to broaden the radius police collect video from. 

“Why wouldn’t y’all go that far? He’s my child. He was a real human being. I’m still hurting. I’m gonna hurt the rest of my life. I’m gonna hurt -- that was my child.” said Cynthia Elliott. 

The family will be holding a fundraiser late Sunday afternoon. They want to raise money to invest in additional investigative resources. 

CJ’s family describes him as artistic and a “pure heart.” 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Round Rock Police Department.