Round Rock students stage walk-out to protest gun violence

Hundreds of campuses across the country took part in the national school walk outs Wednesday afternoon, including schools in Nashville, Uvalde, North Texas and Round Rock, all to advocate for gun safety.

Students at Round Rock High School gathered in front of the campus, taking time to remember the names of the students who lost their lives due to gun violence.

Round Rock High School student Berkley McConnell felt it was very important to educate her peers about "common sense gun laws."

Over two years ago, McConnell experienced a scary situation no one should every experience. 

"On January 26, 2021, there was a shooting at my mom's office," Round Rock High School student Berkley McConnell said. "The shooter's name was Bharat Narumanchi."

According to police, Dr. Narumanchi shot and killed Dr. Katherine Dodson, then took his own life.

"It was a hostage situation, so he brought a bunch of guns, zip-ties, and he brought pillows, so he can cover the sound of the guns," said McConnell.

Since that traumatic event, McConnell has participated in Students Demand Action, an activist group committed to ending gun violence.

"I think kids don't realize that this can actually happen until it does," McConnell said. "I feel like it does educate them because honestly it happens every day, and I'm really happy they are willing to communicate and connect because it happens, especially in Texas."

Students at Round Rock High School voiced their concerns demanding lawmakers pass stricter gun laws.

"My sister wants to be a teacher less than a few weeks ago," one Round Rock High School student said. "We had a big discussion with my family, and she said, guys I can't stay here, if I'm going to be a teacher I need to move, because she went to an interview for a teaching internship, and they ask her what is your plan if a shooter enters your classroom."