RRHS seniors paint their parking spots - a colorful sea of creativity

The first day of school kicks off on Thursday for Round Rock ISD. Seniors get to personalize their own parking spaces for the year and let's just say they've already received an 'A' for - creativity. 

Principal Matthew Groff says 2019 brings another year of tradition for students and staff.

Three years ago, as his first year as principal, some seniors needed money for a fundraiser and saw that others had painted parking spots nationwide. So they asked to do it at Round Rock High School. 

It costs 25 dollars to park at RRHS in general but the seniors who want to participate pay 50 dollars, so it's 75 total. Students buy the supplies and could cost anywhere between 50 and 100 dollars.

The principal says most of the students paint at night since it's cooler then.