RRPD welcomes veterans, over half of department former military

Turning one uniform in for the next, Marine Tom Sloan felt the need to serve the community.

Sloan said becoming an officer seemed like an easy transition. A transition, Round Rock Commander Jim Stuart said a majority of his officers and staff has made.

"People come from a very structured and disciplined environment and so it's a very easy transition for them to come to a police field because it's almost that exact sort of same thing," Stuart said. “They’re also the types of individuals who like to protect and serve their out defending their country and that sort of mentality translates into serving and protecting your community."

Sloan said he heard the call for service when 911 hit and when he retired from the military he heard the same call to serve his community. "Whether it's service to country or community those two go hand in hand and most of the time you have that internalized from the very beginning you want to serve in some capacity," Sloan said. "The uniform was a big part of it I wanted to remain in uniform I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than me that I could give back

Sloan said the change from military life to civilian life is difficult but the comradery behind the badge helps. Veterans in the department created a program called “battle buddies.” Whenever an officer meets a veteran in the community they offer to lend an ear whenever needed.

The department will often go to Fort hood’s recruitment days.

Stuart said veterans are always welcome in the Round Round Police Department.