Rudy Farias, his mother interacted with HPD throughout 8 years he was 'missing': police

There is a new twist in the story of a Houston teenager who was reported missing eight years ago while walking his dogs.

Last week, Rudy Farias was found bloodied and bruised while sleeping outside a church. The Houston Police Department said they believe he was with his mother the whole time.

In a press conference Thursday, HPD said Rudy Farias returned home the day after he went missing. Now, there are a lot more questions about what happened at home for those eight years.

"He said that she would make him sleep in the bed with her," said Quannel X, a Houston community activist.

Speaking on behalf of Rudy Farias, Quannel X told the press earlier this week that Rudy's mom may have abused him.

"He said she’d lock him in the room," said Quannel X. "She’d give him drugs and lock him in the room."

The detective, who interviewed Rudy, said those shocking allegations were not reinforced by Rudy during their conversation.

"I'm trained to listen for probable cause," said Sgt. Stephen Jimenez, HPD homicide and missing persons. "I'm trained to listen for statements that can help me get charges or move forward with the case. There were no statements made during this investigation so far, no."


HPD also confirmed Rudy and his mother, Janie Santana, had interacted with police during those eight years, but under different names and birth dates.

Police said the district attorney's office could charge the two for using false identities, but has declined to do so.

"The mother, Janie, continued to deceive police by remaining adamant that Rudy was still missing. She alleged her nephew was the person that friends and family were seeing coming and going," said HPD  Lieutenant Zamora.

According to officers, Rudy is now back home with his mom, voluntarily.

"These people are lying for her and right now getting away," said Michelle Rodriguez, Rudy's cousin.

After eight long years of waiting for Rudy to come home, some of his family said now they worry home won't be safe enough.

"Rudy, if you're watching this Mito, we love you," said Sylvia Sanchez Lopez, Rudy's aunt. "Your aunts, your cousins, we stand behind you. And we are right here with you. We love you. "

The Houston Police Chief added when Rudy went missing, he was considered an adult by state laws.

Although police have yet to identify Rudy as a victim, they said he's in contact with victim services.