Safety tips if you’re experiencing a power outage in your home

High water in Clear Lake Shores. (Courtesy: Amanda Fenwick)

Damage to your home is just one aspect of a hurricane, there are also the power outages.

There are some tips to save your food from spoiling during the outage, including keeping the refrigerator and freezer closed as long as possible.

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An alternative to store your food in a Styrofoam container or cooler with a bag of ice.

According to the American Red Cross, food is safe 40 degrees Farenheit or below.

Also, your cell phone and other electronic devices are a priority to many as well. A popular alternative to charge your device is with your car charger. 

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Just make sure you are not doing that with the garage shut. That poses a carbon monoxide risk.

The same risk applies if you run your generator, grill, or propane stove indoors, including your garage.

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