San Marcos police investigating first homicide this year

Police say 27-year-old Matthew Jacob Rodriguez was a resident of San Marcos. They found him unresponsive on Tuesday morning at Park North Condominiums.

Chief of the San Marcos Police Department Chase Stapp says they're still looking for a suspect. He says detectives are working around the clock and following up on every lead they can.

"He appeared to be either severely injured or deceased and responding officers suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso. This is our first homicide of the year we are thankful it is this late in the year and we haven’t had any, of course we'd rather have none we feel for his family and are praying for their loss," Chief Stapp says.

Chief Stapp says this time last year the police department had already investigated four homicides.

There were a total of five in 2017. The last one was in December 2017. "December 4th 2017 and that was one of our officers Kenneth Copeland," says Chief Stapp.

FOX 7 Austin revisited the scene where Rodriguez was last found alive. While in the parking lot at Park North Condominiums parking lot, some members of the Home Owners Association were also there.

One of the managers told said that the victim was not a resident and they don't know who he is. They say he was shot nearby, ran through Park North Condominiums and died while on the property.

The HOA manager says at least 60 people have been calling the HOA office trying to figure out what's been going on and worrying if the area is unsafe. The manager says she's been calming the residents down about safety concerns and it's the same sentiments echoed by Chief Stapp.

"We want the residents of that area to know we don't think they are in danger this is an isolated incident but if you see something say something. Help us (solve) this crime,” Chief Stepp says.

Anyone with information about Rodriguez’s killing is asked to contact the San Marcos police.