Scammer posing as officer, demanding money: Austin police

The Austin Police Department is warning the public about a scammer that has been calling residents and identifying himself as an officer.

APD says the scammer tells the victim that they are subject to arrest unless they send $1,000 to an unknown CashApp account.

Residents are advised not to pay as APD says it will never call and demand payment of any kind to settle fines, fees, and/or warrants.

APD also says anyone who receives such a call or email should do the following:

  • Request the name of the warrant's issuing agency, then look up that agency's phone number and email to confirm its legitimacy
  • Do not share any personal information of any kind
  • Do not call the phone number or email the address provided by the caller
  • Attempt to verify the caller's identity with the agency they claim to represent

Residents should note that threats of additional criminal charges, increased fines and fees or anything similar are intimation tactics.

Residents can report suspicious calls to 311 or online.