Schertz package may have originated from Sunset Valley FedEx location

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Authorities believe that the package found at the Schertz FedEx distribution facility may have originated from a FedEx location in Sunset Valley.

The store is just three miles away from the Travis Country neighborhood where the explosion went off Sunday (3/18) night.

The FedEx store is closed as the FBI and ATF investigate. The surrounding stores are open and officials don't believe there's a safety concern for them.

Sunset Valley Police Department Lt. Rich Andreucci says officers were just driving by the location at around 6:30 a.m. when they saw FBI so they stopped to see if they needed help.

Austin police had said that for the first few bombings there weren't any identifying shipping markers on the boxes that exploded so officials believe that knowing the latest box was labeled through FedEx and sent through FedEx should help them get closer to finding the suspect(s).