School bus overturns, no students injured

The Austin Independent School District says a bus had already delivered students who live in the AISD boundaries to campus in Round Rock when it overturned. The two districts have an agreement to help deliver students to out-of-district schools.

The bus driver said he heard a bump on the right front tire, lost control and tried to overcorrect. The bus was on its way back to the bus barn when it overturned in the 1400 block of I-35 in the southbound grassy area between the Frontage Road and I-35.

Officials say the bus driver was able to climb out of the bus and was not hurt.

He was cited for having a suspended license for non payment of insurance. His license has been suspended since January 6th.

As an AISD driver, you cannot have a suspended license and be able to drive.

His boss tells FOX 7's Noelle Newton he has been pulled from his route and faces punishment that can include termination.

"Thank goodness there were no kids on the bus and the driver was okay. What else could be have possibly done to avoid this. You never know the perfect answers. You always try to find them and teach employees not to do this, do this," said Chris Hafezi, AISD Transportation Director.

The driver has been with the transportation department for three years. He's been driving a bus since august.

The transportation director says state law requires school districts to pull driver records once a year. AISD does it twice a year. The most recent check is scheduled for this month.