Scottish bicyclist's trip around the world cut short after he was hit by car in Temple

A Scottish man trying to bicycle around the world had his trip cut short when he was hit by a car in Temple last weekend.

Police say a car going 70 mph hit Josh Quigley from behind the night of Dec. 22. The impact launched him off his bike and he landed 50 feet away.

Quigley was wearing reflective clothing and had rear lights on his bike.

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The car that hit him didn't stop, but another driver did and helped Quigley.

He was airlifted to Baylor Scott & White in Temple with many injuries.

"Ten broken ribs, broken heel bone. Broken ankle, fracture on my pelvis, got a damaged artery going into my brain," Quigley said. "I'm so close now. Finishing is not debatable. I will finish. It's just a case of when."

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Quigley is expected to be in the hospital for another 20 days and doesn't know when he'll be able to resume his trek around the world.

He only has five days of cycling left to complete his journey, which will end in Florida when he's fully recovered.