Scrubs in the streets and citizens at the capitols: Coronavirus protests across the country

Lockdown and stay-at-home orders, as well as broader social distancing guidelines, are the current norm for most people across the United States. But some have been gathering to voice their displeasure with larger COVID-19 restrictions.

In Denver, amidst a sea of yells and car horns, a person dressed in scrubs stood in front of a pickup truck, counter-protesting the hundreds of those who had gathered to protest the larger COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in the city. 

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An April 19 video shows the person standing before the truck as a person inside the vehicle yells back, “Land of the free! Go to China if you want communism. Go to China. We want to open up and go to work. You go to work, why can’t I go to work?” 

Health officials across the country have been urging people to stay-at-home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In Austin at the Texas capitol, protesters chanted “let us work!” in unison on April 18. The state had announced a day prior that starting April 24, retail outlets could begin to reopen under a “retail-to-go” model.

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In Brookfield, Wis., people gathered on the sidewalk, encouraging drivers to honk their horns in support of their protest on April 18.

“Enjoyed being part of a great rally today! Love that many patriots still believe that this is a great country built on our freedom! OPEN WISCONSIN,” wrote Ethan Hunter, a Facebook user who uploaded video of the protest footage.

At the governor’s residence in St. Paul, Minnesota, a swath of protesters with flags and signs in hand gathered to express their displeasure over the North Star State’s coronavirus-related measures. 

Similar protests took place in California, Nevada, Maryland, Idaho and Michigan.

President Donald Trump has yet to enact national lockdown measures, leaving those decisions up to respective states and local governments. Most states across the U.S. have implemented stay-at-home orders. 

As of April 20, there were more than 761,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the U.S., according to data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

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