Sean Hannity hosts Donald Trump town hall in Austin

After campaigning in mostly battleground states, Donald Trump decided to visit Texas, a state that hasn't voted for a Democratic nominee since 1976. Conservative FOX News personality, Sean Hannity, says Trump is trying to reach voters impacted by the issues he's built his campaign on.

“So, last week giving a speech on ISIS, protecting the homeland, radical Islam.  This week he's talking about securing the border. It's having such a dramatic impact.  You in Texas understand that because you're a border state,” Hannity says.

FOX 7’s cameras weren’t allowed inside the town hall but Hannity shared some of what was talked about.

“It was a hard town hall to do. We actually met mothers who lost their children to illegal immigrants and I keep telling some of these stories, many of them had committed other violent crimes, and we let them back out on our streets,” Hannity says.

Hannity, along with other Trump supporters, believe Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, won't do enough to secure our border.

“We're either going to secure borders, build a wall, or she's going to build a bridge and have amnesty,” Hannity says.

In Texas, Trump is leading in the polls, but with 11 weeks until the election, those on both sides can agree that anything can happen.

“We might see the most watched debates in the history of presidential debating. I think a lot can happen. Maybe the event that defines this election hasn't even happened yet,” Hannity says.