Search continues for suspects in shooting death of Travis County Sgt.

Round Rock police detectives Tuesday morning returned to the McNeil Road neighborhood where the fatal shooting took place.

Sources close to the investigation said security camera video has been collected from the area. Despite that, the people who got into the fatal confrontation with Travis Co. sheriffs Sgt. Craig Hutchinson, have not been identified.

"We as a department or asking the community to come together and help us get information about the assailants who made this attack on Craig," said RRPD Commander Willie Richards.

Hutchinson was shot and killed early Monday morning after returning home from work. He had called for back up, but they did not arrive in time.

"Around 1:30 am there was a thump, my dog started barking," said Kristin Pillow.

Pillow, who lives behind Hutchinson's house, awoke when he confronted burglars.
According to Pillow, Hutchinson chased the intruders out of his back yard and down a ditch that separates their homes. His body was found behind a shed next door. Crime scene tape still blocks access to the back yard.

"I don't know what that was,  now ... was it the gun shot or the banging up against the fence. He ran down the fence and everything happened," said Pillow.

10 minutes after the deadly confrontation Pillow says the neighborhood was filled with police and a helicopter was flying above her home.

The medical examiner's office is not releasing information about Hutchinson's autopsy, and investigators are not saying if they have recovered the weapon used to shoot Hutchinson.

Investigators say a tip line they set up is already providing them with information. A spokesperson tells FOX7 about 50 calls were received by midday Tuesday. The tip line number is 512- 671-2767.

The Governor's Office also announced Tuesday they have added to the reward that's being offered. The amount currently totals $30,000.