Search for missing kayaker on Lake Pflugerville continues

The search on Lake Pflugerville for a missing kayaker was already classified as a recovery mission when it began Monday morning. 

The search, involving several boats, a special sonar device from the Travis County Sheriff‘s Office and flyovers by helicopter from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, actually started Sunday evening shortly before 7 p.m. 

A witness reported a woman in a kayak had overturned when a strong storm moved over the lake and that the woman and her boat sank not far from the dock, close to the leading edge of the earthen dam.

A powerful moment was captured a few minutes after the storm passed, involving pictures of the first responders as they arrived. The images were taken by a local resident who identified herself as Faye Smith.

“It tells me that God was there that he was there,” said Smith.

The first shot only shows red and blue lights from the emergency vehicles, but part of a rainbow is starting to form. Smith said she was stunned as the rainbow grew brighter and seemed to be drawn to the rescue teams.

“The rainbow got super, super intense and then it just disappeared,” said Smith.

Around 1 p.m. several people, believed to be friends and family of the boater, were gathered together by authorities. After the brief meeting the group left. Late in the afternoon some of the friends returned. 

More boats arrived and the search area was expanded toward the spillway. The shoreline on the west side of the lake was also searched with a K9 team.

It's unknown how long into the evening the teams will work.