Search for Wimberley flood victims moving miles down stream into Caldwell Co

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The search for the remaining people who are missing from the Memorial Day flood is now shifting several miles downstream.

It's part of an effort to consolidate resources.

Pink ribbons mark where search teams have already looked for flood victims and where they will soon look again.

This area is near Martindale along the San Marcos River not far from where the Blanco River flows into it.

A few days ago Dixie Waldrop says she got a real scare while checking the debris near her home.

"I smelled something decaying ... I called the sheriff because I was afraid it could have been a missing person," said Waldrop.

It turned out to be a dead deer. But her reaction is exactly what the families of the missing are asking riverside property owners to do.

"We are asking you to stay engaged. We are asking you that if you see something, smell something, say something," said Alan Daniel who represents the Carey family.

That's how one of the most recent recoveries took place east of Martindale. The search still continues for three others. Leighton McComb , as well as Randy and Will Charba .

In an expanded effort to find them, this weekend's search and recovery teams will move downstream into Caldwell County. The search grids could be a quarter of a mile if not more from the main channel.

"We are not giving up and we ask that you not give up with us," said Daniel.

The families have also set up this new headquarters on RR 12 just west of San Marcos as part of a streamlining effort.

They want to make it easier for volunteers to make contact. So a single source website is now up. is the place to go to sign up to join search efforts and to make financial donations. There's still a big need for people with law enforcement, rescue and military backgrounds

"We've had a lot of great volunteers to show up who have those qualifications and they are on their days off, coming on their days off, and going into the field. so we are asking for as many of those folks as we can get to help spread through all the teams on the ground to help keep everyone safe, organized, effective and bring three people home," said Mark Combs with the Charba family.

There is also a need for individuals who own search dogs.

Other locations are trying to streamline information sources to improve communications with those in need and those who want to help.

They include: and