Search teams looking for man who fell into Lake Travis

Search teams are still looking for a 19-year-old man who fell off the back of a boat on Lake Travis Monday night.

The man reportedly disappeared near the Devil's Cove area near Jonestown around 8:30 p.m., falling off the boat and not resurfacing.

After an hour, the search teams switched their mission into a recovery.

Teams were back out Tuesday, but Travis County Sheriff's officials say the search is complicated because the area is large and it is unclear where exactly he fell in.

TCSO's Lake Patrol is using drop cameras along with the Texas Game Wardens' sonar cameras to find him.

The depth of the water in the Devil's Cove area ranges from 40 to 120 feet and there are full-grown trees under the water.

TCSO says that boaters should always wear a flotation device, especially when boating in the dark.