Senators hear testimonies for and against "bathroom bill"

Becca Keo-Meier has always used the women's restroom, and willingly.

“I've been questioned whether I was in the correct restroom,” said Keo-Meier.

She's afraid of SB-6, or the bathroom bill if passed it would require a person to use the restroom which corresponds to biological sex, not how one identifies.  Keo-Meier is not wanting to use the men's restroom, but worries how other women would treat her in the restroom, if the bill passes.

“I am afraid I will be harassed even more than I already am. I'm also afraid for the trans youth and the trans people out there,” said Keo-Meier.

Tuesday during the first public hearing, more than 400 people signed up to speak, making the hearing go well into the night hours. There was a significant amount who came to speak for the bill as well.
The bill's sponsor Senator Lois Kolkorst and supporters say it's a privacy and safety issue.

“If a man were to walk in, regardless of his intentions, my privacy would feel violated,” said Nicole Hudgens, with “ Texas Values.”

If private businesses want to opt of the rule, they certainly can.

“People and customers will go wherever they feel comfortable and what best suits them,” said Sen. Kolkhorst. “Privacy and discrimination aside, some argue if the bill passes, that could mean lost revenue.           

If the bill clears committee, it goes before the full senate. If it passes there, then it will be up to the house.