Several people report phones being stolen at West 6th Street bar

Several people have reported having their phones stolen after spending time in some Sixth Street bars.

Gracie, who doesn't want to give her last name for safety reasons, says she goes to Buford’s on West Sixth all the time, but after October 26th, that bar is scratched off of her list of safe places to hang out.

“If I ever go back there I will take my purse and hold it like this on my lap like a baby because my purse was on my shoulder and got unzipped,” she says.

Someone had unzipped her purse and taken her cell phone.

“When I was looking for my phone on the floor at Buford's I saw iPhone cases scattered which I thought was weird but then I saw my iPhone case that's also when I realized it was stolen,” Gracie adds. “After going around, I saw two other girls crying because their phones were missing too.”

When she got home, Gracie’s roommate, who was also at Buford’s that night, discovered her phone was stolen too.

“I went to Buford's the following Sunday to tell them about the situation and they just responded with 'Oh yeah that was going on a month ago I guess the guy is back, send us an email,” Gracie said.

Gracie did email Buford’s asking them to be more transparent with their customers to tell them what's going on. She also filed a police report. Gracie says she knows of four girls whose phones were taken at that same bar.

“My boyfriend was with me trying to help me look for everything and one of his friends called him and said hey where are you guys, Kelly, one of my friends, just got her phone taken out of her purse too," Jennifer Shore, another victim, said.

Shore filed this police report the weekend before Gracie’s incident. Not only was her wallet stolen out of her zipped up purse at Buford’s but so were her credit cards her driver’s license, health insurance card and social security card.

"The Buford’s guy said there's been something going on there and at The Ranch they said we've had a ton of people coming up to us saying a lot of people saying someone took this out of my purse,” Shore says.

Gracie says both her and her roommates' new phones went off on Tuesday. She says the thief or thieves have been trying to learn more information about them.

“And now my phone is in Shanghai, how did you find out? They keep trying to go into my iCloud,” Gracie said.

Shore says if the thieves live locally it's smart of them to ship the phones out to a different city. Either way, she too feels violated.

"I saw charges from The Ranch and then Dallas. So someone had taken it and clearly gotten out of town. And my phone was turned back on three days later and was in Hong Kong,” Shore adds.

Buford’s has not responded to a message left Wednesday afternoon.