Several support efforts underway for family of Sergeant Hutchinson

Several support efforts are underway to help the family of Travis County Sheriff’s Sergeant Craig Hutchinson. He was shot to death Monday morning after confronting burglars at his home in Round Rock.

The fund raising event at GT Distributors in north Austin was organized shortly after the shooting incidents in Dallas & Baton Rouge. Monday's death of Sgt. Craig Hutchinson made it personal. He worked part time at the store as a gunsmith according to company president Jim Orr.

"We already had it in the works, we just pushed, hit the turbocharger on it and we are, our goal is to raise $75,000 in the next two days at all of our locations,” said Orr.

The money raised will be provided to 5 different support organizations. Among them, the 100 Club of Central Texas which will use the cash to finance survivor programs.

"We just need to be completely prepared for the worst case scenario just like up in Dallas so this is helping us to be prepared for that,” said Tammy Baker.

Sunday the Dell Diamond will offer more than a ball game. Money will be collected for the family of Sgt. Hutchinson. A jersey will be raffled off to help boost the effort, and money will also be collected when an express home run is hit.

"I think the guys understand how important law enforcement, what they do for us, this is one of the safest places in Texas and of course Round Rock, on any given night there's kids running around here and we know the officers, and they are part of the family, we call it a baseball family  and we always want to make sure we are supporting the folks we can help out,” said Club President Chris Almendarez.

The Express is asking everyone who comes out to the game Sunday to wear blue.

Support is also coming one blue light bulb at a time. Cheryl Hartgrove  is handing them out in her Round Rock neighborhood for a $6 donation. The first batch raised $2-thousand for Hutchinson's family, the local Home Depot provide more to give out Friday night. 

"I’m just amazed at how this community is support this family,” said Hartgrove.

The blue light bulb give away is being done at the corner of Ridge Rock Dr and Oakridge Dr in Round Rock. It will run from 6pm until 8pm.

There's also an effort to help all the public safety officers who are expected to attend Hutchinson's funeral next week. Donations of water and snack foods that are dropped off at Wagner’s Backyard in Pflugerville will be provided to those posted on the church grounds during the service.

"This is painful because you were planning a different event for Hutch. We were really hoping to  plan his retirement party, September 10th, and anything we can do for these guys, to help, I think the offers need to be spending their time to morning, and not little things like this,” said Tracy Scialla who is organizing the collection.

The following is the route for the escort from the funeral home on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016 at 7 a.m. to Shoreline Church:

  • North Lamar Boulevard
  • To Koenig Lane
  • To IH 35 North
  • To Wells Branch Parkway
  • To Burnet Road
  • To Shoreline Church, 15201 Burnet Road

The Police Honors and funeral procession route to Cook-Walden Capital Parks (14501 N. IH-35) will be as follows and could take place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

  • Exit Shoreline Church
  • To south Loop 1/Mopac Expressway
  • Eastbound on Parmer
  • To northbound frontage of IH-35
  • Turn into Cook-Walden Capital Parks, 14501 N. IH-35