Sexy Cowboys cause Easter scandal at Antique Fair

The show will go on. That's the word from the organizer of an all-male review that will be held during the Warrenton antique show weekend.

It's that time of year when antique hunters swarm displays tables and tents that are set up along highway 237 between round top and Warrenton. But what has caused a scandal this year will be offered under an empty tent in the back of an area known as "Little House on the Hill Field."

"I don't think it's appropriate," said Roy Pieper.

An all-male review from Louisiana is scheduled to appear in Warrenton Friday and Saturday night. The troupe was hired by Stephanie Welch, who said she didn't expect the angry push back she has received from her neighbors. The burlesque type of show will not involve nudity and the tent will be closed off so the show will not be seen from outside. With tickets going for $20 in advance $30 at the door, Welch thought she had come up with a great money-maker.

"Right, and entertainment, I mean there is nothing really to do around here you know," said Stephanie Welch.

Welch's mother, who is one of the local vendors, says they got the idea to spice things up after seeing a similar show up the road in Caldwell.

"We thought why not bring it down here and let the people in this county that doesn't get to go anyplace and see something like this just have a little bit of fun we didn't think it was going to cause this," said Hanna Welch.

There are vendors who believe all the publicity has brought more people to the antique event. Some visitors, like Becky Baker form Seguin, are not quite sure if the traditional items available should lose the spotlight to a bunch a scantily clad urban cowboys.

"This is a ladies place, and we are here for fun, and to get away and I feel if .. My husband would have to worry about that he wouldn't feel comfortable with me coming," said Baker.

An issue has also been made that the show will be held about a block away from a local church. There is one other major factor thetas fueling all the outrage about this male revue, this weekend is Easter Weekend.

La Grange resident Don Maschmeyer is organizing a silent protest for Friday and Saturday night.

" Things of this nature may be all right for Las Vegas, or other places, but in Fayette County and a family oriented event like the Antique Fair I just don't see where it fits," said Maschmeyer.

Fayette County may be best remembered for a house of prostitution called the Chicken Ranch, which caused a scandal back to the 70's. Elected leaders say times have changed and the county is now conservative and family friendly. County officials are looking into drafting new regulations to keep sexually explicit items from being offered during those events.

The next big antique week in Fayette County will be held next Fall. Stephanie Welch tells FOX7 the turn out this weekend will determine if they will schedule another show during the Fall season.