Sheriff: Teens return, clean up 'frigging mess' left in Colorado forest

The San Miguel County Sheriff's Office said it's thanking a group of teens who returned to clean up their mess at a Colorado forest. 

On October 14, the office posted a video on Facebook of trash scattered across Bear Creek Trail in Telluride.

"Sheriff Masters calling out the "little local darlings (kids)" making a "frigging mess" with hundreds of beer cans all over our forest in Telluride," the office posted. 

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Authorities narrated the video saying the children were drinking heavily, and beer cans were "everywhere you look."

"Hundreds upon hundreds" of beer and alcohol were scattered. 

"They need to get their little fannies up here and clean it up," the narrator said. 

It seemed like the teenagers heard the message loud and clear. 

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On October 28, authorities said the teens returned and cleaned up their mess. 

"The Sheriff's Office wishes to thank the teens who came out to clean up the large mess left in the USFS near Telluride's Bear Creek Trail as documented and released on video two weeks ago. Your community thanks you for your efforts! Great job!" authorities posted. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.