Sheriff vows justice: Estranged husband, father-in-law of missing mother charged with murder

On Sunday, human remains were identified as 35-year-old Nicole Montalvo, the missing mother who was last seen one week ago and never made it to pick up her son from school on Tuesday.

The sheriff said he is vowing for justice after more human remains were found in the lot belonging to her in-laws.

Investigators are continuing to search the property.

Montalvo’s estranged husband Christopher Otero Rivera and father-in-law Angel Luis Rivera, are both locked up and face first-degree murder charges in her death.


They were first arrested on Friday after a disturbing find on their property – human remains.

Investigators said this St. Cloud home on Hixon Avenue is the last place Montalvo was seen on Monday after dropping off the son she shares with Otero-Rivera.

People said they were getting very worried when she didn’t pick up the boy from school the next day.


The Osceola County Sheriff said he believes more people could be involved in this case.

“We’re gonna get everyone involved in this case,” Sheriff Russ Gibson said. “Everyone. Whatever role you played. No matter how small or insignificant you think it may be your world is closing in on you.”

Court documents show a violent history between Montalvo and Otero-Rivera.

Last October, deputies said he attacked her, “throwing her on the ground” and trying to break her neck, claiming she was trying to take his son.

Neighbors said they remember hearing scary fights.

“Frightened them both to death,” Gary Wood said. “It was that loud they could actually hear it from the property.”

The husband and father-in-law are being held on no bond for first-degree murder charges.

A vigil for the slain mother will be held on Monday at the St. Cloud Lakefront Beach area.