Shoal Creek businesses feel the rage of the storm, once again

AUSTIN, Texas-- Parts of downtown Austin also felt the storm’s fury. Friday morning, South Lamar was underwater. Businesses got another reminder of the mess caused by Memorial Day floods.

For 7-Eleven manager, John Wilt, the heavy rain of Friday morning was just a stark reminder of the Memorial Day weekend destruction along Lamar Boulevard. He reflects on being on break at his previous job, that weekend.

“We saw the water start rising into our garage and stuff so we got to see a little bit of it,"Wilt said. 

For this Halloween weekend round of storms, Wilt says he is prepared for anything.

“I was looking at the weather the night before, knowing that I had to open, that we were going to get some kind of flooding regardless, we decided we were going to start preparing for all the stuff, getting things off the floors,” Wilt said.

It didn't take long for Austin Police officers to shut down the flooded Lamar Boulevard, which many drivers braved for a while.

Shoal Creek became a raging river, with feet and feet of water.

The Goodwill store did not have someone to speak today, but says they dodged a bullet with this flood. It was not nearly as much damage as the spring flood.

As more rain is expected, Shoal Creek businesses will continue to brace themselves and work to prevent another catastrophe, like Memorial Day weekend.

“We've raised the shelving units up some. We did not have anything to, basically, block the doors at that given time so we do now have that,” Wilt said.