Shooting outside Texas Card House leaves one hospitalized

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A poker player is in potentially life-threatening condition after police say he was targeted by a robber and shot outside of the Texas Card House in Northwest Austin.

Police say that suspect is on the run. The establishment is now stepping up security. 

The Texas Card House in northwest Austin is a hot-spot for poker players and cash. Austin police say early Monday morning a gunman attempted to rob a person who had been playing poker - ultimately shooting him outside. 

"It's crazy that I was there just two hours before it happened," says Texas Card House member. 

This member wishes to remain anonymous, but says he often sees people advertise their winnings online. 

"Yea they'll post themselves with $5,000, $10,000 worth of chips. They always post their chip stacks and obviously, I know the guy's name. It's in his profile. So, it's not the best to advertise it. I never take pictures and post it online," says member. 

Police say the man who was shot is in his 20s and has serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. The gunman has not been caught but they do think it was a targeted incident. The co-owner of Texas Card House says either way, they are looking at ways to improve security and ensure players feel safe. 

"We always have armed security here but we will actually be increasing it, you know, after dark. We will also be making continued expansion and investments in our electronic security infrastructure, which is already very big and robust. These are things like camera integration with EMS systems, ways that we're able to track and monitor who's coming and going, things like that," says Justin Northcutt, co-owner, Texas Card House. 

They also train their managers in de-escalating tense situations. Members always have the option of an escort to their vehicle.

"I definitely might take a couple of days off for a week but I know that place is pretty good and I plan on going back at some point," says member.