Shooting suspect calls FOX 2 saying it was in self-defense before turning self in

Investigators were looking for two men after an overnight shooting on the east side of Detroit. One man was critically injured and police said that two brothers were the prime suspects. When Detroit police made their photos public, FOX 2 got a phone call from one of the suspects - Sedale Gilliam who wanted his story out there.

Gilliam called before turning himself into Detroit police Wednesday afternoon near Dequindre and Nevada.  Gilliam told FOX 2 he delayed turning himself in to get a lawyer, and before he surrendered - he wanted to tell us his side of the story.   

"I was in fear for my life. this s*** was self-defense," he said. "I was there looking for my brother who got jumped by a group of people."  

He and his brother, 24-year-old James Jones Jr. were wanted by Detroit police in connection to a shooting that happened off Buffalo near East Lance Tuesday night.  

Gilliam says his brother was getting attacked by a group of people, so he showed up to help. 


Brothers James Jones Jr., left, and Sedale Gilliam are named as suspects in a shooting on Detroit's east side.

"We heard two shots," he said. "They, he, was running towards me, you know what I'm saying? He was running towards me, shoot, being shot at from the car that was shooting at him, and I returned fire."  

Detroit police say one of the men, in the other group was shot, taken by friends to the hospital ,and is in critical condition. The brothers left the scene 

Gilliam says he never would have fired, but feared for his life.  

"I have no criminal history. I have nothing going on," he said. "I'm good, I am a family man, I run my own business." 

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Shooting suspect Sedale Gilliam called FOX 2 before turning himself in to police.

Gilliam turned himself in without any issues - but his brother James Jones Jr., is still out there and wanted.