Single dad’s holiday wish for son with autism answered by thousands of strangers

Marty Mendoza is a single stay-at-home dad, who does everything for his autistic son, but with so much love.

“He's non-verbal. Mentally he's around four. He's just a joy to be with. When he was younger doctors said he wouldn't live past 14 and now he's 33. I bathe him, change his diapers, feed him because he can't control his hands, and he has seizures a lot,” said Mendoza.

This holiday season all he wanted was for Marty Jr. to have a nice Christmas. 

“We try to manage bills and rent and all that comes up first no matter what. Unfortunately, his birthday and Christmas are usually not at the top of the list,” said Mendoza.

In a Facebook group for parents raising kids with special needs, he made a request for just a few Christmas cards for Marty Jr. One week later, the Mendoza family quickly got a whole lot bigger. Thousands of cards, gifts and messages from all over the world started flooding in.

“It's his first Christmas ever like this, I can honestly say,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza said there are at least 10,000 cards at his home and in storage. This is a holiday wish, come true.

The two will drive to Fort Worth for Christmas to spend it with family.  For him this gesture shows there is good still left in the world

“The world just fell in love with my boy. I can literally say the world loves you baby,” said Mendoza.

Due to the sheer amount of gifts, Mendoza says he will be donating some of the gifts to local charities.