Six Austin-area children receive donated high-tech vision aids

Six Austin-area kids with severe visual impairments received a donation of "life-changing" high-tech vision aids Wednesday.

The children received Onyx electronic video magnifiers (EVMs) and other assistive technology thanks to the nonprofit Sight Savers America.

All six children have severe visual impairments that cannot be corrected via eyeglasses, contact lenses or medical or surgical treatments.

The children were referred to the nonprofit by local teachers.

"The Onyx EVM will be life-changing, allowing each child to make the most of his or her remaining vision," says the nonprofit. "This device dramatically enhances contrast and magnifies objects up to 118 times and will open up a new world of opportunity, allowing them to read, write, do homework, groom themselves, and even see their loved ones' faces clearly. 

According to the nonprofit, EVMs are more expensive than the average family can afford and are not covered by medical insurance.