Six Austin couples say 'I do' in annual Free Love event on Valentine's Day

Here’s a question, would you mind sharing your wedding day with a handful of other couples, if it meant the whole thing was free? 

On this Valentine’s Day, several local lovebirds said "I do" at the Free Love event at South Austin’s Carpenter Hotel, in what’s become something of a tradition.

Now in its sixth year, Free Love, made possible by Austin-based Loot Rentals, brings together couples from all walks of life, to make that special commitment, back to back, and free of charge.

"So we don't have to worry about budget. You don't have to worry about planning anything," said Daniel Siefert of Cedar Park, who married his longtime love Rebecca Roach.

Everything from photos to cake to the music is all donated.

"This is our way of just saying, we're going to cover it all for you. You just show up, get married, enjoy your family for about an hour, then go enjoy the rest of your lives together," said Rhoda Brimberry, co-founder and CEO of Loot Rentals.

This year’s couples submitted their stories online.

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"We actually met at work. She asked me out," said Siefert.

Roach and Siefert both work in the Austin police evidence room.

"It has some creepy connotations, right? Like, how do you find love in an evidence room? But really, you kind of find you lean on the people that you work with, and you deal with different things every day. And so he was just a very kind person and I really appreciated him," said Roach.

"It's sort of the speed dating. But it's wonderful," said certified chaplain Kye Flannery, who served as the day’s officiant.

Flannery says she’s inspired by all the love that’s on display.

"I love seeing how many different ways people triumph over adversity and just find love in unexpected places," said Flannery.

This Valentine’s Day super-ceremony featured a total of five weddings and one vow renewal, a surprise vow renewal.

"So that was totally on me," said Dianna Yip, who surprised her husband of five years, Paul Richlovsky.

"She went ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. All I knew was that I had to get a haircut and I had to have my suit on," said Richlovsky.

For Dianna and Paul, saying "I do" again was the perfect way to celebrate their anniversary.

"The element of surprise is always good for relationships," said Richlovsky.

"I’m so excited for all the other couples," said Yip.

And if this Valentine’s Day is leaving you a little more bitter than sweet, here’s some free advice from the happy couples.

"If you're cynical about something, you know, give something a chance," said Siefert.

"It springs up in the most unlikely of places," said Roach.

"Love is out there. You just have to be open to it," said Richlovsky.

If you are interested in being part of Free Love in 2024, Brimberry suggests following @lootrentals on Instagram. The company typically does a call for couples starting around November. 

Couples are also welcome to reach out to Loot Rentals by email at so couples can be added to the list for when they make the call. 

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