Sketches released of fake officer accused of assaulting two women

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Police in Atlanta and Cobb County both released sketched compiled with the help of the victims of two separate assaulted by a fake officer. Investigators do believe the incidents are related but said they are continuing to investigate.

Police said they do believe both are connected. In each incident, investigators said the fake cop wore a fake badge and had flashing blue lights on his car.

“We would like to know who this person is. We really want to get them off the street,” said Sgt. William Delk Cobb Police Department.

The first reported incident happened on Nash Road in northwest Atlanta around 1 a.m. Friday. A 25-year-old woman stopped by the fake cop along Nash Road in northwest Atlanta.

“She opened her window like any normal person would. He asked for her license and registration. She produced a driver's license for him. He went back to his vehicle for a period of time and when he came back to her, he asked to her to step from her vehicle, at which point he assaulted her,” said Major Michael O'Connor, Atlanta Police Department.

The victim described the car to police as being a dark-color newer-model full-size four-door sedan with a blue light bar on the roof. She did not see any markings on the vehicle.

The victim told investigators the suspect was a white man was between 6’ and 6’3” tall, has a slim to athletic build, scruffy brown or black facial hair, and a skull cap. He was wearing a wearing a dark color jacket with a star-shaped badge on it.

A second, similar assault, happened around 4:45 a.m. on Terrell Mill Road near Paper Mill Road in Cobb County. In that case, the driver rolled down her window, was asked for her license, but when she was getting her license, investigators said the fake officer grabbed her by the collar, opened the car door, groped her, and then sexually assaulted her.

The victim in Cobb County describes the suspect to police as a white man in his early 30s as being 6’ tall, average build, short dark brown hair worn in a buzz cut, unshaven, with a square-shaped head. She told investigators he was wearing a dark jacket with a light blue emblem or some other writing on it, a black vest with a star-shaped gold badge on one side and three gold service bars on the other, a tan collared uniform shirt with a gold emblem on the left side of the collar and a white t-shirt under the uniform shirt, dark pants, and a police duty belts with a gun, Taser, and radio.

Cobb County Police said the uniform combination does not match any uniform of any law enforcement agency operating in metro Atlanta.

“The men and women who put actually put the badge on every day and do their job professionally and with integrity and honor, it tarnishes that reputation, it put unnecessary fear and apprehension in that community,” said Capt. Dan Ferrel, Cobb County Police Department.

“If you are traveling in a vehicle, especially if you are female and you are alone, if you are uncertain if the person behind you is a police officer, turn on your hazard lights, stop in a well-lit area, dial 911 and we will be happy to confirm there is an actual traffic stop on-going,” said Major O'Connor.

“Someone may recognize this person. Someone may say, ‘Yeah, that guy has all this police gear I totally forgotten about him.’ And they would give us that tip and they would lead us to the person terrorizing our citizens,” said Sgt. Delk.

Anyone with information can contact Atlanta Police, Cobb County Police, or Atlanta Crime Stoppers.

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