Smithville students recite Bible verse in class, some parents concerned

Video FOX 7obtained shows first graders at Brown Primary School in Smithville reciting a Bible verse from the book of Romans in class. “It was disturbing to me,” said Charlie Lucko.

Charlie Lucko is a parent of a Pre-K student at the school. 

“Putting aside the fact that it's unconstitutional, every child deserves to be raised up developing their own values or values based on their family's,” said Lucko.

The teacher received some support on Facebook after sharing the video, but Lucko feels decisions like this could be a slippery slope, particularly if the verse came from a different faith.

“I’m sure it would’ve been a totally different reaction. I think it shows a level of bias and prejudice which is part of the problem to me. I don’t have anything against religion. I actually love Jesus. I love his teachings, his practices, and it's been a big impact in my life, but I don’t believe that belongs in the public school system,” said Lucko.

Smithville ISD released this statement that reads in part:

In a Facebook comment, the teacher, Susan Schobel says she is a rule breaker....and if she gets fired, it would be for a good reason. The district did not state what actions they might be taking with the teacher. Lucko hopes it can be a lesson for officials, and he wants his student to choose his own path.

“There are a lot of people of different faiths who attend that school,” said Lucko.

Smithville ISD has not said what actions they might be taking with the teacher.