Unexpected guest drops in on podcast, upstaging discussion

A podcast episode took an unexpected, though very Australian, turn when a snake made an appearance in the roof above a guest who was speaking via video link.

The episode was part of the podcast series Fresh Perspectives, which is produced by the Sydney-based strategy consultancy The Strategy Group.

Andrew Ward of Regen Farmers Mutual was chatting about greenwashing – which is when a business spends more resources on marketing itself as environmentally friendly than on actually being environmentally friendly – when the two podcast hosts interrupted him.

"There’s a snake behind you," both of them said simultaneously, referencing the obvious – to them – black snake dangling from the roof of the porch.


Ward had a cool and calm reaction, saying, "It’s only a carpet python," before continuing with his talk.

"He’s the rodent control officer," he laughed.

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Carpet pythons are commonly seen in Australian backyards and are known for climbing. Though they can grow to over 9 feet long, they are non-venomous and popular as pets.

Storyful contributed to this report.