Snapchat video shows alcohol being forced down throats of alligators

The video posted on Snapchat and captured by one of our FOX 29 viewers shows alcohol being forced down the throats of two small alligators. Another clip shows the reptile being picked up by its tail with a burning cigarette shoved in its mouth.

"We want to find out who these individuals are."

We showed the video to the the director of law enforcement for the SPCA who has already launched an animal abuse investigation. A source tells FOX 29 the video was taken in the basement of a home in Bustleton where one of the guys lives. We're told he's the son of a Philadelphia police detective. We're not showing you their faces since they haven't been charged with any crime yet.

"It happens too often. here are too many times we see this kind of cruelty," Director of Humane Law Enforcement Director Nicole Wilson said.

The SPCA has seen a rise in animal cruelty cases simply because many times the incidents like these are posted to social media.

One guy even started bragging about the gator games tweeting, "How are me and my friends not internet famous yet?"