Some in Sgt. Hutchinson's neighborhood concerned for safety as reward increased

A reward to find those responsible for the murder of Travis County Sheriff's Sgt. Craig Hutchinson has been increased to $30,000. Although officials say there is no threat to the public, at least one neighbor is in fear for her and her children's lives.

Round Rock police have received more than 50 tips from the public. The FBI is also looking through home security video and they hope something will turn up soon. 

Ovaltene Jones lives in the same neighborhood as Travis County Sheriff's Sgt. Craig Hutchinson. She says the neighborhood is known for petty crimes but nothing has ever turned deadly.

"It's very scary. I was just the victim of a hummingbird feeder theft. To think, that if I had been up and caught them red-handed, that they would have turned around and shot me and possibly killed me... over just something minor that's in my yard or in my shed, that's very scary," says Jones.

That's the reason Jones says she has four security cameras set up around her home. It's exactly the type of thing that could benefit the investigation. The FBI has collected each of those videos to see if they can piece anything together.

As long as the suspects are out there, Jones says she is not at ease.

"I don't feel safe. I feel that I need to have a loaded gun in my house. I'm not a gun carrier, if you will, but I've had that discussion with my husband and that's the route we will be going down now," says Jones.

Sgt. Hutchinson had just gotten off work early in the morning on July 25 when he noticed prowlers in his yard.
He called for back up but they didn't make it in time.

Kristin Pillow also lives in the neighborhood. She lives behind Hutchinson's home and woke up to the commotion. She says Sgt. Hutchinson chased the intruders out of his backyard and down a ditch that separates their homes.

"I don't know what that was, the gun shot or the banging up against the fence. He ran down the fence and everything happened. Within ten minutes the whole place was with cops and choppers and everything. Within ten minutes time it was all lit up back there," says Pillow.

Sgt. Hutchinson's body was found behind a shed next door, with no answers as to who the suspects are.

"We as a department are asking the community to come together and help us get information about the assailants who made this attack on Craig," says Commander Willie Richards with the Round Rock Police Dept.

Jones says she hopes those responsible are caught soon.

"If they are that bold to walk into your yard and take something, who knows what they will do," says Jones.

If you have any information about this investigation, you are asked to call 512- 671-2767.